Selected Work
creative systems thinking as it relates to architecture, urban design, and technologies

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2 Beginnings for Conversation as Design Method

As technology becomes less of a commodity and more of a ubiquitous tool, the presence and accessibility of media and social media drastically change the perception of the public domain. The presence of media in architecture continues to challenge designers, planners, and local authorities to think about urban issues through the lens of technology and media to enhance the urban, public environment. Though the relevance and tangibility of this thinking is more present than ever, it historicizes itself in the development of cybernetics.

    Derived from the Greek word kubernetes, meaning ‘steersman,’ cybernetics was coined by Norbert Wiener (1894-1964), an American mathematician and professor at MIT, to describe the “science dedicated towards understanding communication in both humans and machines, and how the transmission of messages shapes behaviour.” It seeks to reveal how communication can govern human behaviours, and further impact our social interactions and societal culture.

    The chosen projects -Cybernetic Theatre, Fun Palace, Flatwriter, and YONA Experiment- relates to open-system and methodologies, user-centric perspectives through the varying technological interfaces for the purpose of more engaged citizen participation.

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